I'll spare his life but only for you, sugarpants (soap_committee) wrote,
I'll spare his life but only for you, sugarpants

Based on The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly's movie poster, here is some Avatar fanart for lackshmana's birthday! ...Oh my god his birthday was in February. We moved right when I wanted to draw him this and after moving it took half a year for me to catch up (SO MANY EXCUSES WERE MADE) but it's dooone at last. 8D Anyway, he's the one who introduced me to Clint Eastwood Films, TGTB&TU included, and he digs Avatar so there it is!

The inspiration for this pic is based on the episode "Zuko Alone" where Zuko's got the whole "Man With No Name" thing going on. BTW, I found out that the Chinese characters I used are totally wrong XD. Thanks a lot Chinese dictionary, remind me to never get any kanji tattoos.

Just an original character of sorts! It's not pictured here, but she makes her travels with a seeing-eye dachshund.

Fanart of space_coyote's comic, Yokaiden! I drew fanart earlier this year but mixed up the name of the creature, a Kappa, with something else called a Tengu. Since the meaning behind it was then sort of lost this was a bit of a make-up. XD Hamachi is an adorable character!

And because giving everyone art is fun, here's a sketch fanart for mercury_hat, of her minicomic. :D

I've been bad at working during this month and will definitely have to work during Thanksgiving Break, but this is the first time I've fanarted people in a long while, it's totally worth it. x_x
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