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Fullmetal Alchemist is over!

In all these years I've found so much to admire in Arakawa's storytelling and characters! In her art I saw a way to draw non-glamorous men and women that's still fun (BEFORE I WAS WAY TOO MUCH ABOUT DRAWING LOVELY PEOPLE).

Characters actually look different - they don't just switch hairstyles, the men are rarely there just to be pretty (mostly as a joke ie: when Mei daydreams) and the variety alone of women kicking ass and shooting guns and throwing wrenches...GAT DAYUM Arakawa makes everyone cool.

-Okay, the final fight and all that - it was what it was, a fight! I liked the mysterious tidbit about Father being from behind the gate or something, but that what it entails is vague. I don't want ALL the answers, I don't want to know that alchemy is really powered by dead people from the IRL-world and the Nazi party of Germany. I like leaving some of these things unsaid and left for us to ponder. :D

-The strength of the ending was definitely how stuff got resolved beyond the Big Bad Guy. Someone else pointed this out but I'm really glad Hohenheim didn't trade his life for Al's, it was what everyone was thinking would happen since the whole Hohenheim = Philosopher's Stone was revealed. But it endears his character as a father to have offered. In the end, Ed had to solve it in a way I didn't expect!

-The way Ed tried to confess to Winry was great for just how consistently in-character it was. He couldn't be anything but confidently awkward about it and then manly-nerd it up with alchemy speak.

-I'm glad Ed lost his alchemy - his story is over, he can live low-key life while Al gets to be the superstar alchemist. Also, it was nice that Ed's limb recovery wasn't perfect because in the big scheme of things I always thought it was silly of the brothers to stress about getting Ed's arm and leg back...like at all, all things considered. So he still keeps his leg and his shoulder has a ton of scarring and bolts stuck in it, hurrah!

-Selim getting to survive was a little weird but hey. Mrs. Bradley deserved some happy ending because otherwise her life would've just been awful. D: So there's a bit of foreboding about him being alive, but I don't know, Father is totally gone so he's probably normal?

-And dadgum Greed was baller right to the end. I'm happy that some of him lives on in Ling!

-It bugged the hell out of me when people would complain that Ed and Winry were way too obvious a couple blah blah blah, since the point of the series is far from who-ends-up-with-who. Also I got really tired of "FUCK YOUR CANON" or "ROY/ED, READ THE SUBTEXT" augh who cares. I'm not saying that shipping is bad at all! Only that people were really obnoxious about it on both sides of this fandom. :/

-Seeing them drawn as grown-ups was so great. :'D I love how the characters got aged!

-The chapter just addressed so many things, right down to minor parts like Mei's conflict with Ran Fan, distant regret for Nina and Alexander, and the fate of the randomly helpful chimeras. And in the photo montage we see Havoc doing some sort of recovery, woohooo


What the heck to read every month now? I prefer following a lot of comics like Fables volume-to-volume, but compulsively clicking the new chapter for FMA has been a monthly pastime. ;_;
-Birds of Prey has been rebooted, and Secret Six is always full of fun! I never thought Bane would be a favorite character.
-I'll read Detective Comics again when it's written by Paul Dini and has nothing to do with that annoying assassin kid with the terrible fanfic name. I will not type his name here.
-For manga, what do the kids like these days?

Okay! Back under the LJ-rock I go!
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