I'll spare his life but only for you, sugarpants (soap_committee) wrote,
I'll spare his life but only for you, sugarpants

I check LJ a couple times a week, but it's been half a year since actually writing anything! Although I read everyones' entries I'm stuck yet again thinking "I should comment but don't want to without having something EARTH-SHATTERINGLY IMPORTANT TO CONTRIBUTE". What the what that's no good

My tumblr's been a more consistent place to post art: http://soaps.tumblr.com/ I dislike not getting to reply to others' comments, but having a blog with a clean slate is kind of nice. Also, I enjoy not needing to resize my art every time I upload, since tumblr does it automatically. But I'll definitely keep my LJ, come September I'll have been on here for 10 years. GOOD GOD

2011 AGENDA:
July 28-31: Otakon in Baltimore
August 1-4: New Jersey to see old buds for four days
October 13-16: Possibly New York Comic Con, if affordable?

It's kinda cool because it's been four years of freelancing full-time, and not until this year had I saved up a big enough safety net to travel. But now I can! NYCC is a toughie because of the local hotel prices, but AJ and I are determined to go get rejected by a dozen comic companies at their portfolio reviews. If one of us got hired by someone...it could mean being able to buy a house and living a financially modest adult life!

Since I'm joining Savannah at Otakon to promote her comic, I thought it'd be nice to draw those characters on some art cards for the occasion. TADAAA~ ACEO's are great because you can be so quick and experimental. Wondering if I should invest more time in making prints though?
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