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I check LJ a couple times a week, but it's been half a year since actually writing anything! Although I read everyones' entries I'm stuck yet again thinking "I should comment but don't want to without having something EARTH-SHATTERINGLY IMPORTANT TO CONTRIBUTE". What the what that's no good

My tumblr's been a more consistent place to post art: I dislike not getting to reply to others' comments, but having a blog with a clean slate is kind of nice. Also, I enjoy not needing to resize my art every time I upload, since tumblr does it automatically. But I'll definitely keep my LJ, come September I'll have been on here for 10 years. GOOD GOD

2011 AGENDA:
July 28-31: Otakon in Baltimore
August 1-4: New Jersey to see old buds for four days
October 13-16: Possibly New York Comic Con, if affordable?

It's kinda cool because it's been four years of freelancing full-time, and not until this year had I saved up a big enough safety net to travel. But now I can! NYCC is a toughie because of the local hotel prices, but AJ and I are determined to go get rejected by a dozen comic companies at their portfolio reviews. If one of us got hired by could mean being able to buy a house and living a financially modest adult life!

Since I'm joining Savannah at Otakon to promote her comic, I thought it'd be nice to draw those characters on some art cards for the occasion. TADAAA~ ACEO's are great because you can be so quick and experimental. Wondering if I should invest more time in making prints though?
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Art dump!

It's stuff-dump time~~~~

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What I learned was:

1. Iris and Dahlia have a hairstyle that I cannot possibly draw
2. My bulky inks don't mix with detailed watercolors! Either ink heavy and paint simply, or ink light and paint with detail.
3. I should probably learn to actually paint flowers before including them in everything

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And I end this with an dream that scared me into being nicer to my sister when I was 12 or so.

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Over the past few months friends have been drawing a lot of SM, which made my own nostalgia build and build until I cranked this out. NOW I CAN MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE

Also Amya, one of the comics I draw for, is being printed! If you would like to show your support, it can be ordered here for $6.50 CAD which converts to like $6.27 USD. I Think. But they look so fancy and I'm really looking forward to getting my copy:

Every month, it's been fun to get scripts in and see how each of the comic writers' stories are unfolding. In Amya, there's going to be a lot of really shadowy and moody pages! In Anathema, Jinny's been deadpan for such a long time but her personality can finally come out again; she's been fun to draw. <3 Lastly for this month is a Scifi short I'm finishing for two awesome people. It's a really cool little story with a suspicious space-dame and everything.
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Fullmetal Alchemist is over!

In all these years I've found so much to admire in Arakawa's storytelling and characters! In her art I saw a way to draw non-glamorous men and women that's still fun (BEFORE I WAS WAY TOO MUCH ABOUT DRAWING LOVELY PEOPLE).

Characters actually look different - they don't just switch hairstyles, the men are rarely there just to be pretty (mostly as a joke ie: when Mei daydreams) and the variety alone of women kicking ass and shooting guns and throwing wrenches...GAT DAYUM Arakawa makes everyone cool.

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What the heck to read every month now? I prefer following a lot of comics like Fables volume-to-volume, but compulsively clicking the new chapter for FMA has been a monthly pastime. ;_;
-Birds of Prey has been rebooted, and Secret Six is always full of fun! I never thought Bane would be a favorite character.
-I'll read Detective Comics again when it's written by Paul Dini and has nothing to do with that annoying assassin kid with the terrible fanfic name. I will not type his name here.
-For manga, what do the kids like these days?

Okay! Back under the LJ-rock I go!


Have 13 commissioned pinups of girls wearing gas masks:

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This is the third set of these that I've done, but I can't find other posts about them. :/ Oh wellll, I'm happy that I can now draw many varieties of gas masks, and as a bonus these are definitely some of my best pinup poses.

My overall favorite part was drawing the varied body types as all the girls were based on specific models. Two of the girls had similar sizes, but another was skinny and the last, voluptuous. <3
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Did this commission last week! Well, specifically the dark elf chick, Ms. Orc-Lady was from a while ago. ...ANYWAY both were commissioned by the same person and they look good when put together.

To Americans everywhere, Happy Thanksgiving! For Candians one and all, Happy Thanksgiving a month and a half ago. :S

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Based on The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly's movie poster, here is some Avatar fanart for lackshmana's birthday! ...Oh my god his birthday was in February. We moved right when I wanted to draw him this and after moving it took half a year for me to catch up (SO MANY EXCUSES WERE MADE) but it's dooone at last. 8D Anyway, he's the one who introduced me to Clint Eastwood Films, TGTB&TU included, and he digs Avatar so there it is!

The inspiration for this pic is based on the episode "Zuko Alone" where Zuko's got the whole "Man With No Name" thing going on. BTW, I found out that the Chinese characters I used are totally wrong XD. Thanks a lot Chinese dictionary, remind me to never get any kanji tattoos.

Just an original character of sorts! It's not pictured here, but she makes her travels with a seeing-eye dachshund.

Fanart of space_coyote's comic, Yokaiden! I drew fanart earlier this year but mixed up the name of the creature, a Kappa, with something else called a Tengu. Since the meaning behind it was then sort of lost this was a bit of a make-up. XD Hamachi is an adorable character!

And because giving everyone art is fun, here's a sketch fanart for mercury_hat, of her minicomic. :D

I've been bad at working during this month and will definitely have to work during Thanksgiving Break, but this is the first time I've fanarted people in a long while, it's totally worth it. x_x
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Re-Draw #2

This little girl is yet another random character I would doodle in my high school notebooks. IIRC she was a homeless girl who pretended to be a fairy with using patched together junk, and I had been watching too much Cardcaptors (ROLLERBLADES). I've little interest in drawing her or anything like her today, but it seemed like a design worth making sense of!

Tools used:
[Old version = ball point pen + back of a bowling advertisement]
[New version = micron pen + card stock]

BONUS Copic-Colored version (a bit messy...)


Eggghhh been feeling sick lately; awesomely enough it's usually when I sit down at the computer, but if I'm kicked back on the couch drawing throwaway stuff in my sketchbook, I'm fine. Too bad doodles don't pay the rent!