I'll spare his life but only for you, sugarpants

...Just kidding, this journal is only about half f-locked. If we're not well acquainted but you want to see art or know me better, feel free to hang around for the public ones.

  • Name: Rebecca Gunter
  • Job: Freelance Comic and Game Artist!
  • Friending: In the interest of keeping my friends-page personal I add people slowly. You're welcome to add me, but if I don't add you back I don't mean it to be a slight; if we're acquainted I probably like you just fine...there's just some things I don't feel comfortable sharing with everyone and I dislike censoring what I say or filtering my posts!
  • Art: What's publicly shown on this journal is fair game to post elsewhere, to make into icons, banners, whatever general internet things you want. What I hope you won't do is sell prints of my images or use them in a product without permission! :B

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